House Party : Movie Trailer (1990)


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House Party is a 1990 American comedy film released by New Line Cinema. It stars Kid and Play of the popular hip hop duo Kid 'n Play, and also stars Paul Anthony, Bow-Legged Lou, and B-Fine from Full Force, and Robin Harris (who died of a heart attack nine days after House Party was released). The film also starred Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, A.J. Johnson, Daryl #&34;Chill#&34; Mitchell and Gene #&34;Groove#&34; Allen (of Groove B. Chill), Kelly Jo Minter, John Witherspoon, with a cameo by funk musician George Clinton. This was Robin Harris' last on-screen performance before his untimely death, after filming was completed in 1989. The film was written and directed by Reginald Hudlin, based on his award-winning Harvard University student film.The film grossed $26,385,627 in its run at the box office with its widest release being 700 theaters. The film has since become a cult classic.[citation needed] Upon its initial release, the film garnered critical acclaim.

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